THE STORY -1870-

Vignobles Chatelier from two families of winegrowers, have developed their domain for 4 generations:

Built by Jean Julien Chatelier, the Cantelaudette castle is the first stone to the building.



After the war there were multiple activities and mixed cultures on the property. To the vine was joined the corn of the breeding. Terracotta tiles were made there with clay from a quarry on the property. Quicklime was recovered from tile ovens for the treatment of the vine.

Over the years, it is the vine that has imposeditself, the strong demand for Bordeaux wine has accentuated this developmentand the Château Cantelaudette has grown from Jeantieu and Arveyres.


Jean Michel Chatelier: current manager, was born and raised on the estates. From a young age, he learned the many aspects of the winegrower’s profession.

At the same time, he devoted time to a solid training in economics and business management concluded with a master’s degree in economics.

I inherited Château Cantelaudette in 1984,I was thirty years old and the same year I got married. This inheritance was not really a (wedding) gift, abandoned house and vineyard, no cellar.

My wife, seeing the building, thought it should be our home,start from scratch, rebuild to our taste, plant the vines according to the best recommendations, build a functional cellar to make a wine under the name Cantelaudette.

Without my wife, Laurence, I would never have had the courage to undertake this adventure. I make wines for her that resemble her… fine, elegant, balanced, round, with a touch of complexity.



Experience is important, but we must always question ourselves and favor training, the mixing of generations.

As such, Margaux, 30, daughter of Jean-Michel, has expressed her wish to continue this great adventure. Of artistic training she will bring grace, delicacy and modernity.